Deciding On Fossil And Solar Power

The world is at a point where it needs to make a decision on fossil fuels and solar power.  Over the past twenty or so years people have been talking about solar power but still turning their attention towards fossil fuels.  In fact, fuel station construction is on the rise with both of these options being installed.  So, with this in mind, what is the best route to go?

When looking at solar power and battery power we are looking at a resource that is natural and sustainable.  Fossil fuels however are quickly being used up.  Countries all over the world are using these resources from single sources and without a concrete depth or availability count, these resources can be gone in an instant.

fuel station construction

Solar power however can’t go away.  The sun will be burning in the sky for millions of years to cone.  However, the more pollutants that we pump into the air may begin to have an effect on how the sun works on Earth.  When we burn fossil fuels, pollutants are released into eh air.  These pollutants can have a damaging effect on how the sun strikes our Earth.  The sun’s rays can reflect back into space where they can’t help us as well as stay trapped in our atmosphere where they will intensify causing unspeakable damage.

In the long run solar and battery power will be the winners of the day.  The main issues that we need to consider is how long will it take us to transfer over to them and will it be too late when we decide that it is the only solution?

Another advantage to solar over fossil fuels is that solar power won’t damage the environment like fossil fuels will.  If we have a spill of oil and gas into our environment it can have lifelong consequences on plants and animals.

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